Dolores CataniaOne lucky lady.

The Real Housewives of New JerseyHer Dublin-born boyfriend recently took star to Ireland. Paul Connell. The Bravo star is sharing intimate details about their romantic trip and revealing the big step they just took in their relationship

Dolores spoke exclusively to CelebHomes News about her Valentine’s Day trip with Dolores. She said, “He took my to Ireland where we stayed in castles and drove throughout Ireland.” He took me to his home, showed me the family, and it was amazing.

It RHONJ star said that Paul’s mother previously visited the East Coast for several months and Dolores “got very close to his mom,” but this was the first time meeting the rest of Paul’s relatives.

“His family is still alive, so it was easy to meet his sisters and brothers,” she exclaimed. It was so nice. It was almost like visiting a New Jersey family, but in Ireland. The family was so friendly and warm.