Is it possible? Teresa GiudiceWhat about tables and other forms of information?

It Real Housewives of New Jersey star famously flipped one back in the show’s inaugural season, and now, 13 years later, another piece of dining room furniture is facing her wrath.

As you can see in CelebHomes News’ exclusive sneak peek of April 12’s brand-new episode, Teresa is in Nashville, Tenn., this time around, enjoying what seems to be a pleasant dinner with her co-stars and their husbands. This is until Margaret JosephsTeresa is set off by an innocent comment about knowing everyone. 

Margaret says, “You’re a good friend of everyone!” She laughs and says, “You talk to everyone!” You talk to Dick, Harry and Tom the F–king Tom.”

Everyone else at the table is confused, but Margaret acknowledges what she thinks the outburst is really about: Teresa believes Margaret “spread the rumors to the bloggers” about her fiancé, Luis “Louie” Ruelas

Bingo. “Yes,” Teresa responds. “Every time we do have a major talk, something comes out. Who brings it out, you ask? Miss Margaret does.”