She added, “I cannot wait to show the world that a same-sex marriage is just like any other marriage. They will enjoy our happiness, joy and everyday life. This is what I want to say to anyone who doesn’t get it. I am forever grateful to those for whom I can express my gratitude. The Real Housewives of MiamiThank you for giving me the opportunity to share your life with others.”

She & Martina Have a Working Farm in Miami

Season four RHOMJulia will be “very busy” at her farm.

“We have lots and lots of chickens. We also have ducks. geese. quail. parrots. tortoises. Two, possibly three, pregnant goats. A couple of donkeys are on the way. There are also fruits and vegetables that I grow.

The Drama Season

Julia won’t cause a lot of drama like her co-stars.

She shared, “Truly, I am friendly with all the ladies.” Adriana is my friend and longtime bestie, whom I love dearly and with whom I became very close while filming. Nicole [Martin] Guerdy [Abraira]. All the women are fun, and they have great personalities.

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