Dare we even say it? The Real Housewives of Dubai delivered the best reality TV series premiere of all time? 

It’s not that much of a stretch, considering the episode—which aired on June 1—delivered both a luxurious look into the lives of several women making the fabulous Middle Eastern desert destination their playground  not one, not two, but multiple entertaining bouts of drama.

Naturally, it is important to mention that the RHODubaiIf the premiere gave us an indication about the Bravo Series’ first season, it’s going to be a wild ride. 

Take a seat and take a look at the memorable moments in Real Housewives’ latest installation. Chanel AyanCaroline Stanbury, Lesa MilanSara Al MadaniCaroline BrooksAnd Nina Ali


No, not the one with the taglines (although that was equally impressive). Instead, we were captivated by Dubai’s history as told by the women themselves. Now that I have looked back on my life, I am astonished at the beauty of Dubai’s evolution. Sara says as she rides an ATV across a sand dunes. “Hell no.”