Kathy HiltonThe second season of’s The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsIt looks anything but perfect.

Bravo released the dramatic mid-season trailer of RHOBH Season 12 on July 21st. Kyle RichardsA cast trip to Aspen caused a big brother’s meltdown, and now he is in hot water.

Kathy addresses the gossip during a CelebHomes Insta Live. She says, “I read that you were screaming and throwing stuff.” It is not me!”

Let her stars recount the story in their own words. Erika Jayne claims “I saw her just so angry” before Lisa Rinna adds, “I had locked myself in the bedroom.”

Even a small glimpse of Kathy shouting “I’m leaving!” is visible. During the entire trip, I was f-king pissed.

“Kathy was furious.” Diana Jenkins claims. “I have no idea who this person is.”

Lisa sums up the drama with, “It’s too much to pretend like everything is hunky f–king dory.”