It appears like Lisa Rinna Sutton StrackeIt could be that we are turning a new page.

CelebHomes News offers an exclusive glimpse at the Aug. 3, episode. The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsThe co-stars can be seen ending any bad blood between them.

After saying cheers with glasses of wine, Sutton admits she does love their one-on-one time together, adding, “Everybody’s like, ‘Why?’ Because I like her.”

Lisa responds laughing, “People think they’re such a f—king bitch.” They are afraid of me. People are so afraid of me.

Lisa responds to Sutton’s statement that “I don’t fear of you”, and Lisa says “You can at times be scared.”

It’s a flashback to an argument over Lisa’s refusal to buy Lisa a ticket for the Elton John Oscars Gala. Now, the two Bravo stars have reached an agreement to end their disagreement.

Lisa shares, “There are times when you are infuriating and it makes me mad when I think about it and I want to frickin’ strangle you. At the end of it all, you should have stopped doing it. It was true that you said sorry, and it’s time to move on.