Sounds like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sister-on-sister drama hasn’t quite cooled down yet.

RHOBH friend-of Kathy Hilton chatted about season 12—which premieres May 11—exclusively with CelebHomes News at the garden party event for her new product, the Halo Dog Collar.

So is her sister Kyle Richards Still in the doghouse? As seen in the season 12 trailer, there appeared to be bad blood between the pair. Hilton (63), allegedly said some unkind things about 53-year-old Hilton. Lisa RinnaRichards confronted Rinna and she told Hilton that Hilton was not going to get away.

Hilton gave some insight as to where she stands with her sibling post-filming.

She shared, “You know what? We’re all sisters. And we all love each other when together.” The story is not my business. “I should not have said anything about Kyle to anyone, nor anyone else.”

As for her feelings about Rinna, Hilton said: “Yeah, we’re friendly. Hilton said that she should have not spoken.