Jaylan also sang Falynn praises after the birth of their baby girl. Jaylan said that Falynn had done an incredible job in November to CelebHomes News. She is a Superwoman. Emma is stunning and perfectly healthy.”

Earlier this month, Falynn took to Instagram to share how Jaylan has fully embraced the role of being both a new dad and caring fiancé. 

“This man knows how warm and love me. Emma suffered from an upset stomach last night. Let’s just tell you that I didn’t sleep more than an hour. My fiancé woke up this morning, took Emma from me, cleaned the house, and woke me (hours later lol) with breakfast in bed, flowers, and a card with a special surprise inside that had me cracking up bc it did not need no expiration date!”

She said, “I woke with breakfast and a clean home. And a lot of laughter with my best friends.” The best thing about life is the good times.

But the heartfelt surprises from Jaylan haven’t stopped. On Dec. 11, Falynn posted again on Instagram to reveal the “push gift” Jaylan got her after she gave birth to their daughter: a 2022 Range Rover. 

“OMG OMG!!! I know they say Scorpios do it best but my fiancé is truly full of surprises!” “She wrote. “I had never before received a push present, but it was something I didn’t expect.” While I love the gift I received, my husband and I cherish having each other as our spouse-to-be.”