Pretty Little Liars series finale was shocking, to say the least.

Seven seasons later, ABC Family’s ABC Family series ended with the revelation that A is in fact Spencer’s twin sister.Troian Bellisario). Spencer and this mystery sibling, named Alex Drake, were separated at birth, setting off a truly unpredictable chain of events.

The story is too crazy to comprehend, but this is the short version: Mary DrakeAndrea ParkerAlison was born to Alex and Spencer by a twin sister, Jessica DeLaurentis. Spencer was given to Mark Hastings her biological father while Alex was taken to live in England with a wealthy family. 

Although Spencer was privileged in his upbringing, Alex was left by her adoptive family. Her friend, Wren, was later found out to be a liar.Julian Morris(), tells Alex about her long-lost sibling Rosewood. Alex starts to hate her sister at this moment. 

However, this isn’t possible until the seventh season. Let’s return to the beginning.