It was months before her and her husband got married. Josh BeechTheir second child, son, was welcomed into their family. Kingsley Taylor BeechIn August 2021 the 90210Actress revealed that she was not happy with the name the couple chose for their baby. This was not the first.

We started to talk names as soon as we discovered the gender and we got one that day. Shenae posted on her blog that she shared it with everyone in our families and they loved it. The Damn Thing. Then they began to refer to their baby with that name. BIG MISTAKE.

“I know I said it was his name and I liked it when we wrote it on a piece of paper and said it aloud amongst ourselves, but now …not so much,” she continued. It felt strange how it was coming out of the mouths of others. This was something I loved. It was great that everybody loved it. I didn’t like hearing it. That would be a major problem in the future.

The couple then tried out different names for size each week. Shenae explained that they gave the baby a brand new name each week and then used it to refer to him all week.