Natalia Dyerhe has experienced the best of both.

It Stranger Things star had a blast to the past and recalled her acting debut, which just so happened to be a small role she had on the 2009 film, Hannah Montana: The Movie. It’s true, Natalia began her career as an actress alongside Natalia, who was a normal, but enviable, pop-star.Miley Cyrus.

“I had a tiny bit of time on the movie.” Hannah MontanaNatalia, in an interview with the Guardian on July 27, stated that she was certain. Elle UK.

When asked what her alter ego would be like if she had a secret life like the film’s main character, she admitted her other half would be a lot different. “I’m pretty introverted and keep to myself,” Natalia—who played Clarissa Granger, a British Hannah Montana fan—explained. She would need to be outgoing and more open to the outside world if she was my alter ego.