CelebHomes: Heading into the audition for Face, what did you know about the role?

CPI don’t think so. I was shown a Face test and it had a British sound. The test was scary and very silent. This appealed to me. It felt like. That’s so creepy.. But that was the route I didn’t want to follow.

CelebHomes: So, what route did you take?

CP: My audition with the Face voice was different from my original audition. The audition was slightly more silly. Nickelodeon invited me back after that audition. I’d do a voice, and the people at one end would love it. The other would say, “Nah! What else are you got?” They’d ask me to do another thing. They’d go, “Oh, that’s good.” One side would respond, “Oh! That’s great!” The other would say, “Eh, how about that?” As they wrapped up, I was watching as the gig went by. They started to wrap up and I was watching the gig go by. This is the voice?” Everyone said, “Hey!” That was it. It was amazing. It was all the skin around the teeth.