Last year is worth a lot of discussion!

We can agree that the 2020 People’s Choice Awards is one to remember! Even with the challenges of pandemic, many celebrities, including TV stars and music icons, were there to celebrate the best pop culture events of the year. The night was intimate, yet special because of the safety restrictions. 

All things from Demi LovatoAmazing hosting skills by. Tyler PerryA speech of emotion about perseverance. Jennifer Lopez officially being crowned an icon, it was an inspiring and uplifting evening, to say the least.

This year’s 2021 People’s Choice Awards will be here in just days! This live broadcast will be at 9 p.m. ET on CelebHomes or NBC, right after CelebHomes’s red carpet show at 7. 

To ease your anticipation, you might want to revisit everything that you missed from the previous year’s event. We’ve complied the biggest star-studded moments from 2020’s epic event.