After Brad’s win, what is the next category? Why, none other than Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Drama Series, which Jen was up for and similarly won. From backstage, Brad was able to view the fellow Friends actress’ speech and was heard saying, “Oh, wow.” 

As fate would have it though, Brad and Jen had more to come. They met again as Brad exited the press area and she was entering. This gave them both an opportunity to express their gratitude and then pull into an intimate hug we still think about 2 years later. 

It was great fun. Brad and me are friends, you know. As in, “We’re friends. We talk.” Jennifer shared the following: Howard Stern about her and Brad’s SAG reunion while visiting his show in June 2021. There is no strangeness, except that there was someone who probably saw it and wanted to see it.

It seems unlikely that Jennifer and Brad will reunite at the SAG Awards this year. While Jen is nominated once again for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Drama Series for her work on The Morning Show, Brad is not up for any awards this time around. 

However, as we prepare for the 2022 SAG Awards on Sunday, Feb. 27, take a fond look back at Jennifer’s incredible night at the awards ceremony—and her sweet moment with Brad—below.