Many of the daily activities we do in 2022 are affected by inflation, including driving and eating.  Inflation has caused the price of gasoline and energy to rise by approximately 30% and 50%, respectively.  According to a variety of economic indicators and the Consumer Price Index, (CPI), inflation is determined. It shows that inflation has been here for quite some time.  

The following are the terms used to describe impact of inflationThe rising costs of housing are causing homebuyers to feel the pinch from the lack of houses.  The prices for these properties have risen despite the fact that 6.4 million homes were sold in November 2021, which is the largest number since 2006.  The Case Shiller U.S. Home Price Index saw an 18.6% increase in home prices over a single year. 

The pandemic’s supply-demand crisis has also caused global shutdowns, which has resulted in the U.S. having the lowest housing stock in 2021.  Due to the limited supply of lumber and their rising prices, housing prices have risen.  The policy decisions that were made regarding tariffs or quotas on metals also contributed to the construction problems.  

Consumer spending on goods—which increased by almost 22% during the pandemic—have led to an ill-balanced supply and demand that resulted in inflation that might linger for at least an year.  Experts expect home sales to rise by 6.6% and appreciation will grow about 3% in 2022.  But, this prediction comes with two caveats: decreasing inventories of homes that are available for purchase and increasing interest rates which might deter demand.  

Inflation can be a challenge, but real estate investments may help you get ahead.  It is because rental income goes up with rising property values.  Real estate investment can yield good long-term returns.  Although it’s still an unknown and speculation-prone endeavor, even the metaverse can invest in real property.  

Real estate could provide you with the security and stability you require in these times of uncertainty. 

real estate and inflation

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