A blockbuster comedy is possible at any time.

Randall ParkShe will star as a Netflix comedian. BlockbusterThis was the final Blockbuster Video shop. This show is definitely worth checking out.

The 10-episode season, created by SuperstoreWriter Vanessa RamosThe great American chain once reigned the weekends, before Netflix and chill even existed. Blockbuster The storyline will focus on an American dream: attempting to build a small business that succeeds against all odds.

To say that I was able to create a show about the place I love with my friends. Jackie [Clarke]And David [Caspe]“Having Randall Park as our Star is an amazing dream,” Vanessa stated in a statement. This is an understatement. Megan and Jim at Universal were amazing in supporting the project from day one. Tracey and Andy at Netflix also supported this project with many funny jokes.