Rachel Bilsonis looking for number one.

However The O.C. ended almost 15 years, the 40-year-old actress—who played Summer Roberts on the beloved teen drama—has no problems heading right back where she started from. In fact, she just started an online conversation with Justin Bieber After an Instagram user found an older post by the pop star, he resurfaced it.

Rachel posted a screenshot from the throwback on Instagram Stories Wednesday Jan. 5. In it, Justin had captioned a photo of a sunset: “Was in the O.C. Lookin’ for Seth. It turns out, it was just a lot of stupidity.”

Although Justin’s post is not clear, the layout of the app seen in the screenshot suggests that the post was made years ago. Rachel stirred up some fond memories.The O.C. fans—including Justin himself.

The “Yummy” singer shared the image on her Instagram Stories hours later. He also included several smiley emojis. Rachel replied with an orange heart emoji on January 5, suggesting that they don’t have any hard feelings.