R. Kelly sentenced in a case of sex trafficking to prison

Is convicted sex trafficker R. Kelly expecting another baby?

The musician, 55, is allegedly preparing to welcome a child with fiancée Joycelyn Savage, according to what she appears to have written in a short book, Robert is a joyous and loving manAvailable on Amazon.

Kelly’s lawyer, however, denies the book allegation. Jennifer Bonjean, told CelebHomes News that Savage is not pregnant with the singer’s child.

In the book, the 26-year-old shared that after feeling ill, she thought she’d contracted COVID-19 but instead learned “the most amazing news”—that she was expecting a baby. 

Savage stated, “It wasn’t a perfect day for me but it was happy.” God gave me this precious gift today. Robert is thrilled about my news and sad Robert will be away.

CelebHomes News reached out to Savage but did not hear back.

Elsewhere in the book, Savage wrote about her engagement to the disgraced singer.