This is what you should be singing about. 

Produce Teen Wolf, the Movie is officially underway, and that can mean only one thing: we’re heading back to Beacon Hills. The 21st of March Entertainment Weekly confirmed that filming had begun, with some behind-the-scenes first-look photos. 

The Tyler PoseyFrom 2011 to 2017, 100 episodes of -led shows aired. The Paramount+ film—which was announced back in September—picks up five years after the supernatural drama, with a terrifying new evil emerged.

The movie’s trailer says that “The Wolfs are Howling Once Again, Calling for the Return of Banshees (Posey), hellhounds. Kitunes and Every Other Shapeshifter In the Night,” as the description states. Scott McCall (Posey), who is not only an adult but also an alpha, has the ability to gather new allies as well as reunite friends in order to defeat what may be the strongest and most deadly enemy they have ever encountered.