Bye-bye blonde!

Katy PerryWe bid farewell to her platinum locks, and said hello to jet-black hair. At the 2021 CMA Awards in Chicago, the 37-year old singer presented her new color to the crowd. American IdolJudges Lionel Richie Luke Bryan. Perry styled her hair in a sleek bun and added a few strands to frame her face. The rest of Perry’s look was completed with a customized Vivienne Westwood outfit and a long pearl necklace.

Afterward, the “Firework” star took to Instagram to post a few behind-the-scenes photos and videos of stylist Rick HenryHer hair was dyed and she captioned it with “I think it’s the right time to give them all they need.” She was a popular choice. One commenter said, “THE BLACK HAIR IS BACK.” Another commenter added, “U LOOOK AMAZING OMGGGGGGG!! 

The young voice that said “hi” behind the scenes was also heard by followers. They wondered if this could be its owner. Daisy Dove BloomPerry’s 14 month-old daughter. Orlando Bloom