Khloe KardashianSoon, fans will be able to witness her initial reaction. Tristan ThompsonThe paternity case of.
The KardashiansExecutive Producer Danielle KingRecent revelations revealed that the cameras were being used to record that shocking day in January. After a paternity check revealed that Tristan had fathered another child, Tristan made a public apology for Khloe at the end of the year. Maralee Nicks).
Danielle said, “Well for this particular moment my crew was there.” Us Weekly. “We just happened to be there, filming something else in the early morning. That moment is captured on film.”

Danielle explained how the timing was so remarkable that viewers might wonder if the crew were there at the same time. She said, “It can sometimes be difficult for viewers to grasp that they were there in real time. There were many moments that we captured because we are almost always there. “There’s always a camera on the go.”