Priyanka Chopra JonasAnd Nick JonasThey are more than just husband and wife. Soon, the couple will also be coworkers.

While fans have loved to watch Priyanka and Nick by each other sides on the red carpet—and even walking down the aisle—we just may get to see them next to one another onscreen. In a July 19 interview, the actress shared her thoughts with VarietyShe said that Nick and she are currently working together on some projects in acting.

But the couple—who recently welcomed their first child together in January–aren’t just looking to collaborate in the acting space. Nick and Priyanka have teamed-up in the fashion world by joining forces with Perfect Moment in the U.K.

Priyanka explained the process to VarietyNick, her boyfriend, met Nick after she had purchased clothing from this brand. JaneAnd Max Gottschalk. After they met, Nick and she decided to make an investment in the company.