Priyanka ChopraAnd Nick JonasThis year, Holi was celebrated with an additional “lit” celebration

They celebrated this Hindu holiday together at a Los Angeles private residence. This is their first time marking the Festival of Colors, which welcomes the beginning of spring, as parents. They celebrated almost two months since they revealed that their surrogate had helped them to have their first child. Multiple outlets report that they have a daughter.

The two have yet to share photos of the child and also opted not to include pics of the infant in a collection of images they posted from their Holi celebration.

“To find joy in a world that feels so frightening is such a blessing is what Priyanka said on Instagram. Everyone, happy holi. We are grateful to all our family and friends for making holi as desi’s! Feeling blessed. #photodump #happyholi #goodoverevil #festivalofcolours.”

One of the adorable videos posted by actress includes Nick getting colored powder all over his face and kissing her.