Kristen Stewart talks about “Spencer,” Oscars, and… Kristen Stewart Talks “Spencer,” Oscars and…

Kristen Stewart“Screenplay” SpencerThis is the story of Princess DianaSandringham Castle, December 1991:

However, Princess Diana’s bodyguard has made public comments on the authenticity of the film, although no royal family members have commented. Ken WharfeWe spoke with People What it was really like for the Windsors to share their holidays? They reveal, “It wasn’t purgatory for [Diana]”

Wharfe was Diana’s bodyguard between 1988 and 1993. He said the monarch preferred spending time with household staff over the family. Wharfe shared the story that Diana “reduced her time to cooking with chefs or people like him, so that she would have time to go back to London.” 

Spencer depicts how Diana spent one of her last Christmases with the royal family before ultimately choosing to divorce Prince Charles. This difficult choice is discussed with her dresser in the film. Maggie(Sally Hawkins