Pretty Little Liars is making it clear that karma is indeed a thing. 

The HBO Max series, like its predecessor, is chock full of secrets—and it’s only a matter of time before they come out. A sneak peak from season one shows how far back that secret goes. Imogen (Bailee Madison), one of the new liars, welcomes friend-turned-enemy Karen (Mallory BechtelTo pick up old items, kindly visit her house.

As Karen gazes on, Imogen crosses her arms across Karen’s belly while Imogen awkwardly stands next to her. “I don’t want any drama,” Karen says, to which Imogen replies, “Me neither.”

When Imogen’s mother, Davie, arrives (the tension is slightly dissipated).Carly Pope(), enters the room and is unaware of the animosity. “Hello, Karen!” She responds. “Haven’t been seeing much of you lately.”

Karen gives Karen an envelope, which she discovered taped to their doors. Davie opens the envelope and sees that it is addressed to her. However, the letter “A” written in her name stands out against the black font. Inside, there’s an invite to “party like it’s 1999,” causing a look of fear to spread over Davie’s face—which her daughter notices.