Don’t look up—or else you’ll miss Jennifer LawrenceIt’s your baby bump

In Vanity Fair Video of actress 31 years old, currently expecting her first baby with her husband, released Tuesday, Nov. 16. Cooke MaroneyAs she broke down every shot of the trailer, a proud shopper, exhibited her expanding belly. Keep your eyes up.

For the occasion, Jennifer paired a black knit dress with a pearl necklace and gold chains—a far cry from something her astronomer character Kate Dibiasky would wear.

Oscar winner Kate says she’s more of a “fierce, ‘hear me roar’, rattattat’ type of lady.” This led to her wearing some unusual looks in dark comedy. Kate’s red, mullet-like hairstyle is a good example.

As Jennifer explained in the video, “We tried different hair shapes, different wigs, and this one—as hideous as it may be to some people—I was just like, ‘Oh, there she is.'”