Postmate Is Postmate’s No. 1 Customer: By the Numbers

Post MaloneThe official status is: Very few reasons to hear We are very happy.

CelebHomes News can confirm the singer’s fiancée has given birth.

Malone also shared the news of his daughter’s arrival during his June 13 appearance on Sirius XM’s Howard Stern Show. The “Circles” rapper recalls to Howard SternHe “kissed” his baby girl before he left his house to go to work, which led to him being confirmed as his first child by the radio host.
“That’s been in the QT [quiet] though? “We didn’t even know that you had a girl, did we?” Howard asked Malone about his daughter, and he replied that Malone “keeps it all quiet.” Malone then confirmed that Malone wanted those close to him to take “all the decisions” concerning any announcements.
It sounds as though he is excited to tell the world about his joy. Grammy-nominated singer Malone didn’t confirm when their baby was born or what day it came. Over the course of his career, Malone has not shared his fiancée’s identity and has kept their romance out of the public eye.