Our secret is out and it’s not going to be revealed: We are obsessed with Pretty Little Liars.

HBO Max’s young adult drama is a hit! So, we’ve found ourselves turning to the Internet for answers on where we’ve seen the breakout stars—including Bailee MadisonChandler KinneyZariaMalia PylesMaia Reficco Mallory Bechtel—before. This new generation of Liars has some interesting details, and we must say that they are quite fascinating.

It’s impossible to guess who the young actress was. Ginnifer Goodwin on Once Upon a Time. (Hint: She went to appear in another fairytale-esque project, A Cinderella Story: Starstruck.) And we would be remiss if not to mention the actor who was only 14 when she made her Broadway debut.

Another star got her start on a musical telenovela that aired on Nickelodeon Latin America. Intrigued?