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This week, we have been wondering what to wear to New Year’s Eve and Christmas dinner.

One requires an outfit that is grandma approved, and one needs something sparkly and more fun. However, both require the same shoe. What’s the answer? The Platform Mary Jane heel, also known as. This is the fashionable, stylish pump that has taken Instagram by storm. Ariana GrandeMadelaine PetschAnd Olivia Rodrigo!

The retro silhouette can look daunting given most styles average a 5-inch heel height, which is five more inches than we’re used to wearing on a daily basis. It’s peak slipper time! We’re going to be wearing these pumps throughout the season, just in case fashion dictates. You can also wear them year after years because they are classic!

Because we’re not the only ones wanting to imitate Olivia Rodrigo and Ariana Grande, we collected nine platform Mary Jane heels which will increase your height as well as fire up Instagram with tons of fire emoticons. See our selections below!