April showers bring May…premiere dates?

We are almost at spring and we have warmer temperatures, budding flowers, and plenty of TV. Starting Life & Beth To GaslitGood tv is the season of spring, from all genres, to everything in-between.

And it’s kicking off March 20 on a high note with season two of PBS’ Sanditon! It will surprise fans to learn what happened with these love triangles.

Fans will be asked to make a decision on March 25th, whether they want to binge-watch season two of Netflix’s regency drama or not. BridgertonCheck out these other sites: LizzoReality dance contest Lizzo’s Watch out for Big GrrlsPrime Video. 

Wait! There’s more! The 31st of March Sarah LancashireTransforms into Julia Child HBO Max JULIA—which is inspired by Child’s extraordinary life and long-running television series,French Chef—and on the same day, Pete Holmes will transform into professional bowler Tom SmallwoodIn CBS Rolling: How do we roll?.

Three years later, it’s even better Russian doll It is back! It is finally back! Natasha LyonneNetflix returns the acclaimed series of-led television shows for the second season on April 20.