CelebHomes: What are your plans for Father’s Day? 
PF: Perhaps a Dodgers game. It’s always great fun to play on Father’s Day. 

CelebHomes – Which fictional dad represent you the most and why? 
I have to go with Dr. Carlisle Cullen… I played him in TwilightI don’t know if that counts. However, as the patriarch and protector of his Cullen family, he did everything he could to ensure their safety and give them the best life.  Aside from that, I wish I look as good 30 years later than I did when I was 300. 

E: Share with us a story about how you embarrassed your children.  
PF: There’s no time I’ve not embarrassed my children!

CelebHomes: Which item does your daughter or son borrow from you the most? 
PF: I have a credit card.

CelebHomes: What’s your number one piece of advice for new dads? 
PF: Take every second of it because they are growing up fast!

CelebHomes. What is the best gift for someone under $50? 
PF: My oldest daughter gave me a memory container one year ago. The jar is filled with paper pieces with memories that we shared throughout the years. You can keep them on your coffee table, and you’ll be able to pull them out to read from time to time.  Always makes me smile at a memory she wrote down. It’s also possible to add on. It costs less than a jar, which she took out of her cupboard.