Apparently, it’s that time of year where the old go into the new! This baseball veteran is one of the top most discussed-about baseball players/coaches ever. He was also privileged to get tombstoned by the ever so fearsome Kane (aka Glenn Jacobs) twice, and chokeslammed. Because of his numerous appearances in televised wrestling events, he was inducted into the respective Hall of Fame. This is in addition to Pete Rose’s many earned accolades in his baseball career. What’s the Rose man doing in his life right now? For starters, he’s trying to sell his Sherman Oaks estate for $2.15 million. Next up at the plates……….plate…… Kiana Kim, Pete Rose’s new future wife who’s about 30 years old and is so hot that she can easily melt the skin off of Pete.

But to return to real estate……..Rose is offering a lot for only $2.15 mill. Floor plan is 6 bed and 5 bath and measures 4,719 sq ft. The house is tucked in nicely in the Sherman Oaks area. Premises is gated by two large black doors (3-door personal parking area) and a gated door leading to the 0.24 acre property. The two-story residency boasts high ceilings, sleek hardwood floors, adequately spacious kitchen, large patio on both levels, big BBQ area, pool house, pool, and hot tub. Not bad for a place that was built in 99′. It’s suspicious though that Pete is seemingly so eager to get rid of this so so fine home.

Address: 13348 Chandler Blvd, Sherman Oaks CA 91401