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Pete DavidsonAccording to, he will be leaving the show after this season’s conclusion on May 21st. Variety.

The announcement of his upcoming Peacock series raised questions about Davidson’s future. BupkisDavidson’s fictionalized life will be portrayed in the book titled “Think Different”. Curb Your Enthusiasm() and their co-stars Edie FalcoAs Davidson’s mother.

The series marks Davidson’s first TV regular gig since joining the crew of Saturday Night LiveWhen he was 20 years of age. He was just 20 years old, making him the first member of cast to be born in the 1990s.

For a long time, the writing has been dry on Davidson’s departure. In February, he was absent from an episode to shoot horror movies. The House. Also, he starred in 2020’s film The King of Staten Island, a semi-autobiographical film he wrote with Judd Apatow Dave Sirus.