Pete, who also filmed MGK’s music video “Loco” in Syracuse, dissed the city in an on-camera January 2019 Variety interview as well. “It sucks. “The whole Syracuse town blows,” he stated about it, sitting beside MGK or fellow actors. Griffin GluckAnd Jon Cryer.

During the chat, Pete also claimed that when he was in Syracuse, “The cops, because there’s nothing going on there, they were hunting me down the whole time.”

Capt. Town of Manlius Police Kevin Schafer told that in August 2018, Pete was pulled over for violating vehicle and traffic law. He said its officers do not target anyone, adding, “When we stop a vehicle, we don’t know who’s in it.” According to the news outlet, the star was not charged, although his passenger and friend was cited for unlawful possession of marijuana and pleaded guilty to the charge, which resulted in a fine.