Ask Me Why? BeatlesPun went completely over our heads!

Episode “Eddie Vedder”, of the television series Intelligenter podcast, released Feb. 14, hosts Will Arnett, Jason BatemanAnd Sean Hayes A forgotten pun caught the attention of listeners and it’s now a classic. Jason brought up the fact that The Beatles beat is a pun and Jason was discussing their experience watching the documentary with the Beatles. 

Jason asked Sean about his host, and he replied, “This ding dog didn’t get that The Beatles, which is spelled B E-A-T like the beat, one makes a tune with music.”  Sean responded, adding that he didn’t know this. Aren’t you so dumb?

Jason explained further to Sean (and probably most of you listeners at-home) that, while the beetle bugs are spelled BEE-E’T, the rock group used a different spelling in order to emphasize the notion of a musical pun. 

It seems Sean wasn’t the only one to learn “Something”. It is possible toStar Penn Badgley took to Twitter To share his views on the subject, he wrote, “I stand by @SeanHayes because I too didn’t know that the Beatles’ name is wordplay.”

He added, “After all this time I just… never thought about it. It is true that I do think about a lot.