Penn Badgley Fox News has not bought a Fox News exchange. Laura Ingraham Raymond Arroyo.

This 35-year old actor was among the many Twitter users that stumbled across a clip from Fox News. The Ingraham Angle in which the host becomes confused by the title of Netflix’s Please. Her guest commentator, Raymond, brings up the series in a discussion about what he called “woke” TV shows, saying, “I was watching an episode of Please“Where measles were first found.”

Rroyo describes the storyline in which Love is (Victoria PedrettiJoe’s son is measles-infected, so Ingraham questions, “When was measles mentioned?”

“It was on Please,” Arroyo says, to which Laura replies, “What was on me? Are you serious? The measles has never been a problem for me. I have never had measles or a vaccination episode. This is a joke?

The two go back and forth for a moment before Arroyo decides to move on to the next subject, drawing laughs from thousands on Twitter. You are one of the social media users put itThis, Everyone, is the Greatest Video of All Time.