You can see it here Paul WesleyAs if we have never seen him before.

With old-age make-up and gray hair, the former Vampire Diaries star transforms into the menacing Amos in CelebHomes News’ exclusive sneak peek of the finale of Flowers in the Attic: Where is it from?.  

Amos is called in for support after his cousin Olivia Winfield Foxworth (JemimaRooperCorinne, her little girl ().Hannah Dodd) and Corinne’s partner—and half sibling!—Christopher (Callum Kerr). 

Amos, upon arriving at Foxworth Hall, is told by Olivia, “After Christopher and Corinne left, I found myself in, well… rather a dark spot.” “I think I found it more difficult to find that light, where it once shined so brightly.”

Amos does his best to console her—at least initially.

He said, “A certain amount is to be expected,” You’ve experienced tremendous loss.”

Olivia starts to feel more open when Amos keeps her in his sights.