It appears like Patrick MahomesSpends his free time tackling internet rumors.

The Kanas City Chiefs quarterback took to Twitter on Friday, Feb. 18, amid troubling speculations about his relationship with his fiancée Brittany MatthewsHe shares a 11-month-old girl with his wife Sterling. According to Us Weekly TMZ. A report claiming that Brittany had barred Brittany’s participation in NFL games because of her “distraction” was also published on the same day. CelebHomes News did not verify the report.

Patrick seemed to have commented on these claims via a Twitter. wroteAlong with three laughing emoticons, “Y’all just make stuff up these days.”

Also, the footballer retweeted a memeFanDuel applauded his rapid response to rumors. Next to an edited photo of the Bat Signal, the company tweeted “Mahomes!” The cap emoji, which is used often to indicate that someone lies (for those not up to speed on their text-speak), was tweeted by the company.