Swindlers are speaking up.

Simon LevievTinder Swindler was the accuser. He allegedly swindled several women of hundreds of thousand of dollars. Inside Edition will interview him in two parts. 

Inside Edition has released Simon’s preview. Simon claims that he was not a Tinder Swindler but that he “was just an individual guy that wanted some girls on Tinder” and that he “is not this monster.”

Inside Edition shared an interview with Simon, which included a look at Simon’s “new girlfriend” and teased that this “tell-all” will show “why she’s staying with him.” Interview Part 1 will go live on Monday February 21, with part 2 on Tuesday February 22. 

Simon has not spoken out publicly since Netflix’s Netflix documentary. Tinder SwindlerThis will not be Simon’s last appearance in the limelight. CelebHomes News was informed by a source that Simon has been working on a new dating show. Gina RodriguezAs his talent manager.