Contestants were invited to participate in the ABC Game Show on March 1. Laura Machado attempted to finish the puzzle, “Another feather _n yo_r _a_.” After her first guess, “Another feather in your hat” was wrong, she tried two other times swapping out the final word for “lap” and “map,” unsuccessfully. The round was also difficult for the two remaining contestants. Christopher ColemanIncorrectly guessing the letter “G”, Bankrupt was contacted and the puzzle was not solved. During Thomas Lipscomb‘s turns, he landed on Bankrupt and Lose a Turn before eventually successfully guessing the letter “C” and solving the puzzle.

 Social media quickly blew up with many users making fun of the contestants and causing Wheel of FortuneTo become a popular topic. One tweeted“History was created on #WheelOfFortune Tonight. Three times the same person did not solve this puzzle! Have you ever had a feather placed in your HAT, LAP, or MAP? It’s CAP!” It’s CAP!” wrote, “For the love of God please tell me ‘another feather in your cap’ is not that uncommon an expression #WheelOfFortune.” 

Pat—who has steered the ship on Wheel Of Fortune for over 40 years—said in his Twitter message that he was praised online for “keeping it together” and not making fun of the players, but it’s something he said he would never even consider doing.