What about a trip to the Golden Arches. That’s hot.

Paris HiltonShe spends quality time spending time with her younger brother Barron HiltonCelebHomes’s latest episode Paris is Love.

Paris shares in this sneak peak, “I feel as though all I’ve done lately is stressing over my wedding. I need a break.” So I am going to hang out with Barron, my brother. He’s the only person I can trust. I’m never judged by him and he always offers good advice.”

Paris offers a suggestion for a late-night snack after a bit of catching up: “Wanna visit McDonald’s?”

“Oh my God, when was the last time that we went to McDonald’s?” Barron giggles.TessaDoes not allow me to go to McDonald’s.”

Paris agrees with her bro about the wife. “Don’t tell!” CarterEither because I am on the ProLon cleanse along with him. It tastes like olives, soups, and vitamins. Although it’s delicious, I’m hungry and would rather eat McDonald’s.

Stars Are Blind singer “trying to stay healthy” as she orders her favorite fast food items, including a hamburger and an Oreo McFlurry.Sprite and number 4-A.