Forget Roxie Hart, because the name on everyone’s lips in New York City is Pamela Anderson.

It Baywatch star made Here Broadway debut as the headliner in the iconic musical Chicago on April 12, telling CelebHomes News that she has “never worked this hard” and loves “the challenge” her time in the show has presented to her. 

Though Anderson, who is also working on her memoir and a recently announced Netflix documentary to share herVersion of her Life, describes herself as “West Coast girl”, the actress, and mother to”. The Hills: A New BeginningAlum Brandon Lee25 and musician Dylan Lee24-year-old Veronica has settled in well to the Big Apple. From her daily walks in Central Park to the faces she most excited to see in the audience, the 54-year-old star exclusively opened up to CelebHomes News over e-mail about her time on the East Coast as she prepared for her eight-week run in Chicago.

Hint: She had to dig deep into emotions that were triggered by her “misunderstood” by the media.