It was something I heard, so it wasn’t surprising that I knew about it. Sebastian said, explaining that he was hardly a tween when the video first hit the Internet back in the ’90s.

He continued, “So just to be able to kind of go back and go, ‘Hey, wait a minute, they had nothing to do with this thing,’ like, ‘This is how this thing was stolen, this is how it was taken,’—and it was wild enough to read and know about—I think that they deserved that being retold.”

Sebastian actually reached out to Tommy Lee once. 

CelebHomes News was told by him, “They are real people.” He said, “It is a real person. At some point, you may just want to reach out and tell them, “Hey! This is me!” We are glad to have met you. Although I do not know what your opinion is, I will play it in this situation. It seems like a normal, decent thing to do.