CelebHomes: I would love to know about the logistics of packing for Summer House. Some arrive with their boxes for the summer, as if moving into their new home. Other cast members bring small bags with them to every episode. Your strategy?
Also, every cast has a different packing style. Others pack enough for the entire summer, while others only bring enough the first weekend. Because of my anxiety, I’m unable to do that. How about if I am in the city, and have to find a pair of sneakers that is in the Hamptons. This is what I do. I am such a great packer. 

A second set of hair products is there as well, including a razor and an additional blow dryer. Some skincare products are left behind, but I only bring the most important items back.

CelebHomes: Do you carry a hand-cart or a checked bag when you travel?
PD: I will check your bag if it isn’t over 3 days.

CelebHomes – What should you pack for a flight?
PD. I have no carry-on luggage when I travel, however, I bring my personal bag along with my purse, chapstick, and wallet. Because it is a risk to lose luggage at the airport, I don’t like having to carry a lot of stuff around. But it’s one I am willing to accept.

CelebHomes. Do you have any travel hacks that are useful for those who stay in hotels?
Two things I request when checking in at a hotel are a steamer or extra clothes rack. Everything is put away as soon as I arrive at my destination. However, most hotels provide them. Many people don’t know how to find them. You want to have everything you need, so call ahead to confirm.