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When we shop, all of us rely on reviews. Whether we are picking a restaurant, looking for a new mascara, or searching for a book, we all read customer testimonials before clicking “add to cart.” It’s nice to have a consensus. It’s comforting to see that multiple people have the same opinions about a product. Other times, one review suffices to convince me to purchase immediately. These are the reviews I can’t refuse to read, and they’re always hilarious.

I treasure those customers who leave glowing reviews. I live for the people who share all the details of their date night just to demonstrate that their makeup really is long-lasting through Any activity. If someone says their mascara didn’t run through hours of post-breakup crying, I need to try it. The eyeliner I saw didn’t rub off on a car accident and was so flawless that it didn’t even smudge. I’m a big believer in lipsticks that can withstand eating, drinking and speaking.

If you are looking for brutally honest, hilarious, and outrageous product reviews, keep on scrolling… unless you’re afraid to shop because these products are hard to resist.