They are lovers Outer BanksBut Chase Stokes Madelyn ClineIRL, I have given up.

CelebHomes News has been informed by a source that the couple, who are known for their love story as John B and Sarah Cameron on Netflix, have separated after more than a year of being together. Per PeopleThey had to end things a few months back.

Cline was spotted dancing last month with Ross ButlerFans speculated that the actress, 23, and Stokes, 23, were not together after a night out in Milan. Ross later revealed to TMZ that he and Cline were “just friends” at the time.

Cline and Stokes first made their romance public back in June 2020. Stokes posted photos from their beach date, captioning it: “Cats outta bag”

In April, Cline and Stokes celebrated their one year anniversary by posting photos of each on their respective Instagram accounts. Cline wrote, “Thanks for helping my keep track of all my belongings for a whole YEAR (: adore you),” Stokes captioned a photo of Cline, and Stokes captioned a picture of the actress, “365 with/ u”.