Fans were quick to criticize Timberlake’s behavior towards Spears and Jackson in early aughts.

The ‘NSYNC alum addressed the backlash in February. He wrote that he had seen the comments, tags, comments, and concerns and wanted to respond. “I am deeply sorry that I contributed to the problem in my life, where I spoke out or did not speak up, and for the times when I was unable to do so. I am aware that I failed in these moments as well as in many others. I also benefited from a system which condones racism and misogyny.

Timberlake stated, “I apologize to Britney sings and Janet Jackson individually because I care and respect these ladies and I know I failed.” 

Jodi GomesAs director and producer, the next episode.

CelebHomes News reached Jackson and Timberlake reps for comment.