“Outer Banks” Stars Chase Stokes & Maddie Cline Explain Why It’s Binge-Worthy

Chase StokesHas had enough.

The Outer Banks star slammed social media users who sent him “death threats” after he posted a selfie with his sister younger Rylie Walker. On April 15, the 29-yearold posted, “The fact I can’t upload a picture of my baby sister without death threats” Take control. Families always come first. If you don’t have the guts to reach out and send me horrible messages, then click the unfollow button.

Chase ended his message by implying that Chase would take a short break from social media. 

He stated that “I will never cease to be a person who always puts my family first.” With that said and that stupid s–t. “See you when you see me.”

Fans defended him on social media, calling for the people who had sent death threats to stop.