Chase StokesIt is asking for help to stop drunk driving.

It was more than a year after the death of the actor. Outer Banks stunt double, Alexander “AJ” JenningsStokes, who was involved in a hit-and run accident that resulted in the death of his son, is encouraging everyone to quit driving while intoxicated.  

Stokes, who is 29 years old, told TMZ Aug. 12 that she had “gotten in an Uber and done something” because “this beautiful soul, this beautiful person’s life was ended way too early by somebody who made a foolish, stupid decision to drink-drive.”

He said, “If your intention is to go out and enjoy a few drinks and a good time, then don’t.” You shouldn’t be driving a car. This is for our younger fans, who just reached this age of being able drive and do such things. We lost a wonderful person. I’m still processing it, man.”