Forget feeling pretty, Rita Moreno is gorgeous—and she knows it!

During CelebHomes Live StreamingThe two-time West Side StoryStar stopped by red carpet host to talk with her Laverne Cox She gave her self the greatest hype-up. While explaining her jaw-dropping 2022 Oscars red carpet look—which included a black Carolina Herrera ensemble, a feathered headdress from France and a striking dark wig—Moreno said she had a “what the hell” mindset when pulling together the outfit.

“And I just love the way I look,” she confidently—and rightly—shared with the camera. I’m yours, you know. Sue me.

Loving Moreno’s fierce energy on the red carpet, Cox responded, “You should love the way you look! Your presence is just too amazing.

Cox then surprised Moreno with a side-by-side comparison of her work in the 1961 West Side StoryThe 2021 adaptation. CelebHomes was a sweet way to thank her, and she exclaimed, “Hello gorgeous!” It’s me. I can’t get over myself.”